How to Fix an Inefficient Shipping Strategy: Become a Multi-Carrier Shipper  

  • What you should consider when weighing your options
  • A cheat sheet on how all the main carriers stack up against each other 
  • How a multi-carrier shipping API works and why it's cost-effective

Key Takeaways: 

While it may seem sufficient to lean on only one shipping carrier for all of your fulfillment needs, it can end up being detrimental to your business. Why?

Smart retailers will lean on different carriers for different package needs, but if you're only using one - the process typically becomes a cumbersome, multi-step approach to shipping a single package as you leave your workflow to create a shipping label. A multi-carrier approach gives you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating rates and contracts, as well as optimizing your order fulfillment process. 

Interested, but don't know where to start? This whitepaper will show you how to start and implement that approach.  

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