Give your merchants access to shipping rates from carriers around the globe directly on your platform.

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Seamless Shipping on 
E-commerce Platform

With Shippo for Platforms, global e-commerce platforms can build a robust native shipping solution for their merchants with access to carrier master accounts domestically and internationally all through one integration.

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Platform Partner Spotlight

Shippo has partnered with Shopify to provide an end-to-end shipping solution as well as best-in-class carrier rates to Shopify merchants directly within the Shopify platform.

Monetize Shipping

With Shippo for Platforms, Shopify and other global e-commerce platforms can provide an improved shipping experience for their customers worldwide — including seamless consumer delivery options, integrated, fast and reliable tracking experience, comprehensive, package-level APIs and data feeds for post-purchase customization, cross-border, returns, pickups and more — without requiring additional in-house development or programming expenditures, resulting in significant ongoing cost and time savings while providing the seamless shipping experience that will drive adoption amongst their customers.

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Sign Up Merchants for Native Shipping

A platform wants to be able to sign up 
their merchants for Shippo but keep them on their UI to provide them with the same user experience.

Sign Up Merchants for Carriers

Get set up quickly and easily 
with a customized, single integration to carriers, with little maintenance required. 

Additional Shippo for Platforms Features

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Why Shippo for Platforms

We have experience serving 120,000+ merchants just like yours, so we know what’s important when it comes to shipping for you and your e-commerce customers.

Offer your merchants additional values and features of a native shipping solution through Shippo for Platforms.

Track my Packages

Tracking is completely integrated to 
make it simple for customers.

Ship Cross Borders

With one connection, you get access to an international network of carriers.

Buy a Label

Access carriers in our global network and the best rates at each of them including access to regional carriers other platforms do not have and live rates at checkout.

Refund a Label

A merchant can refund/cancel a label when there is a mistake or canceled order.

Discounted Rates

Get the lowest-possible rates from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, international carriers, and more.

With the Shippo for Platforms infrastructure, platforms can sign up merchants, onboard carriers, purchase labels, and use all of the Shippo API functionality to natively service a merchant — all from a single place.

Integrated Shipping

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With code-complete functionality, you can launch native shipping faster with a single global integration without diverting resources to build and maintain carrier relationships internally.

Launch Faster

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Shippo has the largest network of global and regional carriers. Platform providers can offer merchants lower shipping rates, and international scale.

Scale Global Shipping

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Create new lines of revenue for your business by monetizing shipping on your platform.

Monetize Shipping

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Seamlessly Integrated Shipping

Provide additional value to your e-commerce merchants by implementing Shippo for Platforms to power your native shipping. Offer the most competitive shipping rates to your merchants and launch quickly without any additional in-house resources.

Offer native shipping to merchants

Offer merchants access to global carriers

No-code setup for your customers

Create a personalized shipping experience for your merchants.

Launch Faster

With code-complete functionality, you can launch native shipping faster with a single global integration all while personalizing the merchant experience with fully-native or co-branded integration.

Ease of Implementation

Developer-Friendly API

Embedded Components

Scale Global Shipping

Help your merchants accelerate their international expansion by offering them access to global shipping

Shippo handles compliance with global carriers. We maintain service level and API integrity year round so you don’t have to. We handle billing reconciliation, surcharges, and refunds.

Carrier Compliance

With one connection, give your merchants access to carriers around the world. Shippo for Platforms gives you access to carriers domestically and abroad with expansions into new markets and carriers every month, future-proofing global shipping for you and your merchants.

Ship Cross-Border

Shippo has a team with over 80 years combined experience negotiating discounted rates with carriers for your merchants and Shippo (not you) is on the hook for volume commitments


Shippo has a dedicated team of engineers, product managers and business operations staff for building and maintaining carrier integrations.


North America

See our Global Carrier Network

Add additional lines of revenue for your business by monetizing shipping on your platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shippo for Platforms?

Shippo for Platforms is a new product that utilizes Shippo’s API to give e-commerce platform providers a fully integrated shipping solution. With Shippo for Platforms, platform providers will be able to offer their merchants all the benefits of the Shippo platform — including access to our industry-leading carrier network — directly within their existing platform experience.

Who can use Shippo for Platforms?

Shippo for Platforms is available to all global e-commerce site builders and marketplaces that are looking to give their merchants a comprehensive and fully-integrated shipping solution.

How is this different from your existing platform and API?

Shippo for Platforms is built on top of our underlying core platform and services that power our existing APIs, but takes our existing API capabilities a step further. Shippo for Platforms provides platform partners a more comprehensive set of tools to manage merchant administration and offer a first-class shipping experience through a native shipping integration powered by Shippo. Our extended APIs support platforms:

  • To create and manage merchant shipping accounts through Shippo sub accounts
  • Simplify merchant carrier account with the separation into child accounts so partners need only manage a single merchant ID
  • Streamline billing and reconciliation process for platforms so that it’s easy to know who to bill what, and why

How can I get Shippo for Platforms for my native shipping solution?

For existing partners: The best way to get access to Shippo for Platforms is to reach out to your Shippo strategic partner manager directly, and they can provide you with additional information on integrating Shippo for Platforms into your existing platform experience.

For prospective partners: If you are interested in learning more about how Shippo — and more specifically Shippo for Platforms — can benefit your platform and your customers, please visit our Become A Partner Page, and we will schedule a time for you to connect with one of our business development managers to discuss.

Adding native shipping to your platform not only provides a valuable tool for your merchants, but also provides an additional revenue stream by allowing you to monetize shipping.

One unified interface for global shipping

Fully-native or co-branded with Shippo

Our API is the ultimate customization tool giving  you full creative control over the merchant experience on your platform.

Embedded Components are code-complete and design-ready elements to be embedded quickly onto your platform saving you time and resources.

Offer native shipping to merchants

Offer merchants access to global carriers

No-code setup for your customers

Shippo will now be offering service with new carriers, expanding the company’s global shipping coverage to new geographies across Western Europe with a roadmap for further expansion in 2022.

Monetize Shipping

Western Europe

Other Regions

Ready to offer your merchants native shipping?

Offer your merchants the benefits of global shipping without any of the headaches, development, negotiation, compliance, or upkeep by partnering with Shippo for your native shipping solution.